What is the environmental benefit of Food Huggers®?

Reducing Food Waste

  • Food Huggers® help retain 23% more moisture than food stored in plastic baggies or plastic containers. Keeping this moisture in and keeping bacteria out help extend the time you have to enjoy all the flavor and nutrition that  your fruits and veggies can offer.
  • The average American family of four throws away more than $1600 a year in wasted food. We are working to create the tools that will help cut back on how much food families throw away.
  • Food Huggers® are made from 100% BPA and Phthalate free silicone.  Food Huggers® do not transfer harmful or toxic substances on to food, even when heated or frozen.  

Reducing Single Use Plastics

  • Disposable plastic wrap and plastic baggies add to our landfills and pollution in the ocean

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